As part of my semester 1, 2016 at University of Southern Cross (USQ) I am studying EDC 3100 – ICT & Pedagogy. I have been looking forward to this unit as I enjoy my practicums and believe that it is vital that technology is invited into the classroom. I am in my final year at USQ studying secondary education and have been incorporating technology into my lessons whenever possible.

This blog is my first one for the semester and is designed to introduce myself. I am a mum of four gorgeous children with a husband that travels. I work full-time as a teacher aide (a position that I love!) and while life can get very crazy with study full-time, it is enjoyable (most of the time)! Working as a teacher aide I feel that I am very fortunate to observe many teachers who have outstanding pedagogies and intriguing ideas of incorporating technology into the classroom. I have also seen many teachers avoid using technology in the classroom, much to their students detriment. So, I am able to contemplate both sides of the coin. I do believe that by using technology effectively and efficiently in the classroom can provide huge benefits to the students but this does not take away from you adapting your teaching to different students learning styles. Taking that into consideration – my philosophy that I believe is that every student should have a champion – an adult that believes in them and will support them forever. I endeavor to build a relationship with all my students that I encounter, as Rita Pierson said “you know, kids don’t learn from people they don’t like”.

“No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship”

I look forward to a very interesting, busy and exciting semester. I hope that you find my blogs entertaining and insightful….

Caro 🙂

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