Thinking and reflecting is something that I had to teach myself during my degree. I think it is essential that as educators we reflect and see what is working for you and what may not be working that well in the classroom. I found this pdf that is an interesting read about the benefits of reflecting on your teaching practices.

If we don’t reflect, then we are teaching “in the dark” without knowing if we are effective and if we should modify our teaching. 

What worked for setting up the tools that we need for this semester? Well…… for someone that thought they had a good grip on technology, yelled at the computer screen for a number of minutes when creating my wordpress site. I already had a twitter account, found setting up Diigo quite easy and could see the benefits but struggled with wordpress. I kept yelling – why aren’t you doing what I want??!! Something that I am sure my students will say at times during my teaching career. Finally – I got there. Probably not the greatest blog site but will be something that I continue to work on. So moving on to what didn’t work and caused problems as I was setting up wordpress….

I had previously designed a weebly website that took me a long time to design how I wanted it to look like. So under the same presumption that wordpress was similar – I didn’t watch any of the tutorials or read any tips…. BIG MISTAKE… HUGE… What would have been easier would have been to read and listen before jumping into the deep end and end up yelling at the computer! Lesson learnt….

The big question was – how do you feel about the semester ahead in EDC3100? One word – OVERWHELMED. Studydesk has the power to make you feel that way. I do love the check and tick format as I feel that I am progressing through the steps that are outlined for us. Though, at initial look and still today, feel very overwhelmed. Taking a deeper look at the workload throughout the course while it will be challenging it will not be impossible. I am always up for a challenge – so look forward to starting next week.

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