a day without technology


No technology –what??

So a mythical event has caused all ICT to stop working – O.M.G! I had to laugh about this as I spoke to students in class today about this issue and you should have seen their faces! Priceless. I told them, how do they think I got an education? Actually no, lets go back a step. I was typing notes on my MacBook Air for one of the students in English class and within no time, I had all students looking at me. I was touch typing and only looking at the IWB. Not at the keyboard and had no spelling errors…. Hmm, what are you staring at??!! “Miss, how do you do that?” Me, “What? Type??”… Well back in my day – no digital technology was in my classroom. Shock, horror (Miss, are you THAT OLD?!)… No not really but I learnt to type on a typewriter, I learnt to research in the library with textbooks and encyclopaedias and no – none of my homework or lessons were done on the computer. I didn’t get have a computer until I had finished school and then it was for my dad to play solitaire on it!

So back to the hypothetical event…. I began to think about what have I used today that is technology based? My smartphone (iPhone) woke me at 4:45am to go for my run, I came back and checked my timetable on my iMac, I helped my grade one son on his iPad with a writing game, I checked the news and traffic report on my iPhone before heading to school, helped a teacher with her PowerPoint presentation, I typed notes for students on my MacBook Air…. AGH!!! NO TECHNOLOGY – WHAT THE??! Could I survive – maybe… Do I want to try? A big NO!

Reading through some blogs tonight and going over some articles, I loved that another student, becteacher2b also uses Apple products (we have everything Apple in my house!) and posed the question that doesn’t everyone go online everyday? This made me post on my twitter account  should all teachers incorporate ICT into their classrooms? Adults, media and schools constantly complain that students / teenagers are addicted to technology and social media (we also complain they are lazy and are moody – but that will be for another post). So my question is, if we are incorporating this into every lesson, every day – are we just adding fuel to the fire and showing them that they are unable to think for themselves without technology? On my last prac, technology was a big factor in the classrooms and at one stage the school Wi-Fi went down and limited every students’ internet and school portal access. What a debacle! The teacher didn’t have a back up plan and they had to resort to reading a novel (geez, heaven forbid!). I found this really interesting and during my reflection with my mentor I asked was there nothing else the students could have gone on with? I believe that while technology will assist us in the classroom in creating digital learners, we should still be able to cope without it. Shouldn’t we?? According to a new study, most students  are not just unwilling, but functionally unable to be without their media links to the world.

“I clearly am addicted and the dependency is sickening,” said one student in the study.  “I feel like most people these days are in a similar situation, for between having a Blackberry, a laptop, a television, and an iPod, people have become unable to shed their media skin.”

On Diigo, pristine_crazy posted a very interesting article about teachers needing to find a balance with having technology in their classrooms. Something that being “old school” I will endeavor to do. We need to mix it up – cater for diversity and show our personalities! Be adventurous, be creative but always be supportive and never be afraid to admit that something didn’t work in your lesson. One thing that I tell my children and the students I come across at school – I graduated high school with good grades, a good OP with no Google, just hard work and determination 🙂

respect your parents


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