Learning path two asks the question why? Why are we learning about ICTs? Are you learning about it as you are genuinely interested or as it is part of our degree? Tough questions coming out in week two!

I am learning about ICT for both the reasons mentioned above. As a teacher aide I do attend all the PDs in school about ICT and how it should or could be incorporated into the classroom. Do I agree with it all – nope, do I take it on board and contemplate it – yes. This course is no different. While I may agree with many of the aspects we have covered already and have enjoyed reading the blogs of fellow students, I am overwhelmed with the amount of the workload that we have to do over the semester. Will I learn lots about ICT and will it make me a better educator – geez, I really hope so!

I do agree with the statement that the use of ICT in your lesson needs to be purposeful explained in Bonita’s blog. While the course may focus on assisting us as pre-service teachers to use ICT to enhance and transform our learning and teaching, this needs to be catered to the students in YOUR classroom. Do not just use ICT in your classroom because you think you should (or have too because other teachers are) or due to the school’s framework, use it as you truly believe it will transform your students learning and enhance their knowledge.

“Technology should liberate teachers from the burden of generic lectures and enable them do what they’re best at, what they came to do in the first place – engage students. But we have to do this practically, knowing that they have 30 students and 50 minutes per class” – Shafeen Charania (2011)

Further researching into what is importance of 21st century skills for our students, I found that in Queensland the importance on skills and capabilities has been highlighted in the Queensland Government White Paper, Advancing Education: An Action Plan for Education in Queensland. Within this paper, it has been outlined that students will need to become:

  • lifelong learners who are knowledge creators, technology savvy, problem solvers, innovators and effective communicators who share ideas with others and respond positively to change;
  • global citizens who have relationships based on fairness and tolerance, are culturally competent and able to connect locally and globally;
  • successful people who set goals, are resilient, able to create opportunities and are confident in pursuing their passions. (2015, p.3)

This is a very interesting read, click here if you would like to read more.

I found this  a really interesting question (why?) and further highlighted for me, that while ICT is needed in the classroom and provides many benefits, it isn’t the only tool set that we use to help our learners grow into well rounded citizens.

Until next time……





Charania, S. (2011). tech in ed – epic fail. Retrieved 9 March, 2016, from http://interacc.typepad.com/synthesis/technology/

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