Firstly, I would like to state that after reading Talitha’s  and Kim’s blogs, schools are going to be inundated with outstanding teachers when they complete their degrees. So many of the blogs blew me away with how insightful the pre-service teachers are with their innovative ideas and skills. So, I am a little shy about forthcoming about my lessons that I have designed using ICT and is something that I am trying to overcome!

Secondly, to clear up what I mean by best lesson. I would define the best learning experience where the students in the classroom are on task, engaging and I am catering to all different types of learning styles. Further implying that each student is gaining something from that learning experience, whether it be about the content we are learning, working in a group activity, working individually or even able to activate their working memory. I find these elements are how I gauge how well my lessons went.

On my last professional experience, I was allocated to grade seven. This was very exciting! Since they were just transitioning into secondary school and majority of the students were keen to learn. Minimum behaviour problems were identified during my observation period, which made me feel a lot more at ease. However, I did have a noticeable about of verified students in the class ranging from ASD, ESL and social and emotional aspects. This particular unit that I was teaching about was Ned Kelly and the students needed to write an informative speech on the novel that we were studying and present this to the class. After delivering a few lessons and noticing that I was not catering to the different learning styles of the group, I felt that I could step it up and incorporate ICT more effectively. Well, didn’t this make a huge difference! I started each lesson of with music (associated to Ned Kelly) and then jumped into the content using a range of ICT (PowerPoint, Prezi, Voki, and PowToon). That caused quite a stir that I created my own Voki and PowToon (the lack of sleep and exhaustion I felt on prac, is something that is so difficult to explain!) but the acceptance of the information was so easily transferred. Students were interested and I even had songs (raps) for the techniques we needed to use, such as explaining first person, second person and third person as well as figurative language.

I designed to use these tools in my lesson as I noticed that the students that were verified responded more effectively when music was incorporated as an auditory tool. So while I had these particular students in mind, every single student in the class was engaged and interested. I do not think I was inspired by anyone or anything but more by the goal to ensure that my teaching pedagogy reaches all students from different walks of life. No student in my classroom was going to be disadvantaged or felt that they could not comprehend the information without giving it a red hot go on my part. I also researched about what other successful educators do differently in the classroom. This was very useful for me and if you would like to read about it, please click here.

Therefore, while to many other people it may not have been the best learning experience designed, it was the best for the students I had at the time, so from my perspective, it was the best of the best. Just like every time I step into a classroom, that lesson will be the best that I can deliver in the way that I think will enhance and transform students learning experience. And you know what, tomorrow is another day, so I’ll give it another shot and never give up.

keep learning

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