Man oh man…. Another thing to worry about and something that had never crossed my mind! I would like to know how many other people who surf the net thought there was no problem adding an image here and there to their work, without unintentionally breaking copyright laws??!! I solemnly promise that I never violated the copyright laws on purpose and I feel a little silly that I should know all of this after studying law for three years… Yikes – must have missed that part!

So after completing the learning path for this week and reading both Elly and David blog’s, I am much more informed and will not break or violate any more copyright laws. I thought I should further research this and find out exactly how NOT to break the law. After reading the Copyright Act 1968 and at this very moment there is a new draft being developed. After spending a number of hours trying to get my head around it – it is a very grey area. If you would like to have a read of the short guide to Copyright in Australia, click here.

So from now on, I will be more careful about the images that I use on my blog and will ensure that I give credit to the ones that I do use. However, I find it interesting that hot social websites like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram continue to have users that share and like images that would surely be copyright protected. Millions of people are violating copyright laws!! Criminals!  I like how Nicola has posed the question in her blog why can the images be downloaded if we are not allowed to use them? So while I go and ponder this question and continue to research, please be mindful of the images you use and share.

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