Is it wrong that I say YES you are antisocial if you are always on your digital device?! As much as I love technology – yes, I go online, check social media, use my iPhone and laptop daily but does that replace my face to face conversations and make me anti-social? Yes in some context I believe it does. A long time ago when Facebook first came out, my husband asked me what was the point of having Facebook? I replied with that you could remain contact with people all around the world and chat with friends. After time, I have found that many people put their best foot forward (they may say that their life is fantastic but in reality it is far from that) and you may speak to people that you wouldn’t usually speak to face to face. So I began to distance myself from Facebook. I use it for uni and comment on friends post but take it all with a grain of salt. I have told my children that we only accept people that we are going to talk to in the street. No use having someone on there that you wouldn’t normally talk too.

I found it interesting about how Nicole posted about her younger brother having a sleep over and all of the children on digital devices. We were out to dinner on Saturday night and I was looking around the restaurant and majority of the people were on their phones or iPads. Does this mean they are anti-social? I then looked at my children and they were on their devices. So I made a new rule in our house, no devices at the table or during family time. This was met with lots of moans and groans but since then, we have had some great conversations! Winning!!

In my grade 10 English class we recently started an assignment on how technology makes teenagers anti-social and gives teenagers a negative representation. It was surprising how many of the students agreed with this statement. Morgan Hampton write an article, Technology: is it making kids anti-social and it was surprising to find out that 75% of children and teens spend their waking lives with their eyes fixed on a screen according to a recent study. The study also found that when they had to go a 24-hour period without technology, they felt lonely and didn’t know what to do with their time!! How about going into the street and playing or painting, reading or just talking face to face to your friends!! There is a lack of personal relationships that form due to technology. While there can be so many positive benefits with technology, my worry for the future generation and my children, is that they will have the ramifications from the negative benefits of technology. So, my job is to help balance this out. I may be old-school but I can still incorporate both to find the balance for them.

I have watched this YouTube clip a number of times, shown my children and my students, so I thought it might be something fellow peers would want to see as well. 

Let us be the educators that teachs the younger generations to turn off and be closer to humanity.


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