Image credit: “ICT Skills Cloud“, by Juan Cristobal Cobo, CC BY 2.0

The best saying for this week’s learning path for me was:

“There is no silver bullet. No technology alone will solve educational problems. It is how that technology is USED that will potentially make a difference”.

LOVE IT!!! The aim is to use ICT and pedagogy to enhance or transform what currently happens in our learning and teaching.

I thought the example of ICT – ecoMUVE was exceptionally good. Katherine wrote a blog “Discovering interactive resources for Students” that I thought was very informative. I think ecoMUVE would benefit many students especially students that have learning needs (this is something I’m going to show my science teacher!!). Due to my major being English I also thought it was a great idea about students following their idols on Twitter or any social media and checking for grammar and spelling areas. A great way to ignite their interest and engagement!

During this weeks learning path we are encouraged to utilise the RAT model. This is done for assignment 1 and will probably be a beneficial experience for prac and beyond. The RAT model is for teachers to self-access instructional events they have designed. I downloaded the app for my iPhone and computer. I am still not entirely confident on how to use it effectively in assignment one, but willing to give it a go! I am finding the ICT lesson plan checklist a little daunting….

In one of my previous blogs I spoke about theories and I like to use Bloom’s Taxonomy in my lessons and it was so great that David incorporated the Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy. This might be useful for many pre-service teachers that like to use Bloom’s Taxonomy in their classroom. Have a look at this YouTube clip to learn more:

Further investigating how ICT can be incorporated into the classroom, I was happy to see that Socrative, Wordle, EverNote, Dropbox and Wiki were among the suggestions. I have used all of those ICTs on my last professional experiences. One of my professional experiences was at Brisbane Distance Education so I needed to be about to utilise ICT to enhance my students learning. I found this environment very worthwhile and learnt a range of strategies that I can use in the classroom. If you would like further information about how to incorporate ICT into your classroom or what is available, have a read of Bringing a 1-to-1 program to life: A handbook for Senior Secondary School Teachers.



Remember it is not about the ICT itself but how you incorporate it into your classroom to enhance student participation, engagement, achievement and most importantly create a powerful educational journey. This is a very exciting time for us as pre-service teachers!

Image credit: “Connected Technology – Computers – Tablets” by Perspesys Photo, CC BY-SA 2.0


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