Do you remember that RACQ ad that used to be on television where the husband ran into a charter boat, and the wife walked around at her clothesline with something on her face and said “charter boat? What charter boat? This is how I feel about uni holidays. Holidays? What holidays??!! I know that Kat was also thinking the same thing with her blog, Uni holidays…. really?

So since I’m on holidays and uni is occupying my time, the question of how can I construct and transform knowledge has been something I have been pondering. Before continuing to read my blog, there are two things you should know about me –

1: I tend to overthink absolutely everything!

2: I am very indecisive (as I am overthinking every option available to mankind, I tend not to be able to make a decision – this drives my hubby nuts!).

So thinking about assignment two (and what else have I got to do?!) , I have been tossing up both English and Legal Studies units. I got a tad confused when on Studydesk a post said to concentrate on P – 10 years rather than senior years (yay – decision made for me, no legal) but then Vicki posted that we are okay to do a senior subject just not to use the new Australian Curriculum (which has not yet incorporated legal studies) AGH!! So back to being indecisive.

I have found this semester a struggle with the workload and working full time (with four kids), so I then decided to stick with English and what I know best… Then going through the learning path, it tells me to challenge myself… AGH do you know what this does to a person who is indecisive… My dear friend Jackie would say that I’m a pain with assignments. I will usually write two, decide which is better and then re-write… Oh, the joys.

Before I feel that I can construct and transform knowledge of my students, I need to work on this for myself. I believe that I have a good grasp on constructing students knowledge – I can teach the content but how am I transforming??! Gem Reid states in the article “Transforming knowledge in undergraduate teacher education” that knowledge transformation occurs when the teacher and student uncover new insights in the content. Also, I found this great article “4 Things Transformational Teachers Do” so that I can grab some hints and tips. Can I do those things in the classroom? Have I done that during my professional experience? Yes, I’m sure I have but to write it down and effectively incorporate ICT is the next step.

Though, the next step for tonight is to continue the learning path and decide on a unit…. Decisions, decisions… Oh, and did I mention – it is supposed to be holidays?! Holidays? What holidays? It must be hiding among that charter boat. If you are unsure of the ad I was talking about, here it is:

Until next blog – enjoy your break. If you are also trying to catch up, do assignments or just grasp the work, you are not alone and keep powering ahead. We will get there!

Image credit: Education” by GotCredit, CC by 2.0

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