back to it…..

Two weeks went by so fast that I am still unsure how I am behind in some of my lectures when I have spent nearly two weeks desperately trying to catch up! I am still to post my constructing and transforming content descriptors to the forum (remember, I’m indecisive), so I still haven’t 100% decided on a unit. I did feel a little bit at ease when Nicole blogged that she has not yet decided on her transforming descriptor yet, either! (Whew…) At the moment, have an essay to finish and exam to study for…. never ending….

Not sure if I have said but I work as a teacher aide at a Catholic college in Logan, a position that I love. Today was an exhausting day. First day back and one of my favourite teachers had decided not to come back after being at the school for over 15 years. I was, to say the least, devastated. Good teachers are hard to find, and I was so grateful to be able to observe and work with him. Also, I had to hand assessment back to many students today in most of the classes I was working in. Lots of tears with very few students that were proud of their efforts. I suggested to the teachers that the students should take five minutes to reflect on their last terms progress and results and to write down what they want to achieve this term. A few students needed someone to support them and believe in them, so I had a speech all worked out, but I did believe in them. They are all good children, but some students lack an adult that supports them. (A whole different story for another time…)

So, while they worked on their reflection, a few asked me why they are doing this?? What was the purpose? I told them it was for them to self-assess how they felt after getting their assessments back? Did you put in enough effort? Can you do better? And if so, what could you do better in? A lot of the students never submitted a draft or a lot of the answers were they didn’t want to ask questions as they did not want to look silly. I spoke to these students and let them know that no question is silly, at any time, they can ask a question to the teacher or me, and we can work through it together. If you would like to know a little bit about the benefits of student reflection, read this article. Here is an article about how to teach students to reflect. Super important!!

After myself and tScreen Shot 2016-04-11 at 6.10.50 PMhe teacher checked each student reflection, they gathered their belongings to set off for their next class. I got a lot of smiles and hugs as they knew that I was in their corner and genuinely cared about them. So while we focus on everything that is happening in the classroom, never shy away from building a relationship with your students and showing them that you are there for them.

Trust me; they will appreciate it.

Okay, now back to my other essay……..


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