It was interesting asking my family did they know what PCK stood for? Do you know what it stands for? I even asked the teachers at school today and got some interesting responses!!

Pedagogical content knowledge (PCK)

This is a term that we should know during our teaching careers as I believe is something that impacts us daily. PCK is an essential foundation for planning lessons for making valuable decisions during a lesson. In our learning path, the YouTube clip of Khan Academy very insightful with how technology can change the learning experience for many children. Amazing how one small idea can expand to something that many children are using to give a chance at world-class education.

Salman’s article spoke about how there is a shortage of qualified maths teachers, and this got me thinking of today in year eight maths class. My excellent math teacher (who is also the sports co-ordinator for 7 – 12 and the only ITD teacher at my school) was away today due to his expanded duties, and we had a supply teacher. I noticed quickly how the students changed, and I became the primary point of contact. Now, by no means is maths my favourite subject but I can do it (when I want too!). A maths lesson can quickly go downhill if you do not have a teacher with a background in maths. Now, if I could go back in my degree, I would have chosen to major in maths (imagine how much better the marking is than English and Legal!) but unfortunately due to my imminent finish date coming up – I do not want to change! So thinking about today and trying to incorporate ICT into our lesson today, there is no way a website or technology can replace the teaching of maths. It is a fantastic resource, do not get me wrong – but students need to have that teacher “chalk and talk” factor involved to cement the idea.

Now back to PCK – this was found in 1986 by Lee Shulman. It is a type of knowledge that is based on subject matter (content) knowledge and general knowledge of instructional methods (pedagogical knowledge). So while I was researching this and seeing how I could get this to fit into my unit plan (yep, the one that I keep swapping from English to Legal), I found this interesting article how TPACK is important for a pre-service teacher. I had to laugh how we keep coming up with these new acronyms for everything – TPACK is the new PCK. Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge. Hmm – more reading and researching is needed.

So while I get back to it and ponder about Talitha’s blog and what she is not revealing as her resource in her unit plan….. I wonder if it’s the same thing that I am thinking…..

Stay tuned,


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