hair pulling enriched learning experiences

What a busy week. There is so much going on at school, my children’s school and of course uni! I have decided to follow my legal studies pathway and write a unit on criminal law. Now, I kept thinking this should be pretty okay as I’ve studied this subject at uni, half taught it during prac so surely – I should know it… AGH! NO! Trying to enrich the learning experiences with ICT but still ensure that everything is aligned is making me pull my hair out!

Now as much as I love ICT and can see many benefits, I do not believe it should be incorporated into each lesson. I was in six lessons today and not one lesson involved ICT. So this made me start thinking again about what would have amplified and transformed the students learning experiences today if the teachers had incorporated ICT? As I was sorting through email, I can across Quizlet. This looks interesting and something that I might be able to introduce into my UoW. Well – maybe!

I also read Hannah’s blog and the article she included, this evening about Technology Change and its impact on Literacy. Since I’m old school, I believe there is an impact on literacy in schools. A student told me today that they no longer needed to spell (there is spellcheck) and there is not a need to learn grammar or punctuation (did you not know that there is a program that does this all for you?!). So I asked them while this was all well and good – how are you going to go in the NAPLAN testing? No computer, no software – just the normal pencil / pen….. Silence is golden 🙂  As I said to the student, it is never too late to learn to spell and write effectively. Something a computer might not be able to teach you! OR then again – you could just use new technology with spell check pens (what is next???!) Have a look at this article to find more about this new technology.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 10.02.44 PM


Now I’m going to continue with stage three of my UoW and try to link it together with enriched ICT. One foot in front of the other… one step at a time.



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