I have completed my UoW, and I have to admit, in theory, it sounds pretty good. In reality – hmm not so sure it will work, but that wasn’t a stipulation in the assessment. As you would know, I’m not a big believer in incorporating numerous amounts of ICT into lessons as I’m not completely sure of the “benefits.” Sure, I’ve researched, read for hours blogs from my peers, looked at statistics for both for and against, only to further question does ICT in the classroom benefit the learner?

I’ll admit that I struggled with the justification. For starters – I did an eight-week learning plan, and I need to justify this in 500 words?? Hmm – I’m way over the word count and not sure how to get it down to at least 550 words. But secondly, I’m justifying something that I don’t completely agree with. I have written and re-written my essay to explain and justify the strategies in my UoW – but do I agree with it?? Nope… Since my eyes were popping out of my head at school, one of the teachers was asking how I was going with my justification. This got us talking, and he previously worked at the top school in NSW, and he told me that there was recently an article how they have banned students from bringing technology to class! Now this was something that spiked my interest and if you are curious too (and would like to know another perspective, have a read).

A top Australian school has banned laptops in class, warning that technology “distracts’’ from old-school quality teaching.

I then (for my own curious) did a UoW without the use of embedding so much ICT and I think that I can still successfully reach the learning objectives set out in the Syllabus while I still amplify and transform student learning. But nevertheless, it is done now.

So while I was in the same boat as Shannon, who changed her mind about her UoW a number of times, I think I’m nearly ready to submit… but won’t until I sleep on it again.

For my peers that are still going – you are nearly there!

Best of luck,


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