I’m sure there are many other students at the moment struggling wtih the amount of assessment due in such a small timeframe! I find that at the moment, I’m just trying to get on top of assignments rather than the course work. I know that its not the best approach and this is the first time in three years that I have had to do this! Time management obviously needs to be adjusted – I mean this is what I would say to my students but not sure how this would apply in my case.

I enjoy reading Mr Clancy’s blogs and was smiling when he blogged about using Notes. I have recently purchased a new laptop (Mac of course!) and use this app all the time. I love how the calendar, notes and everything syncs so that I can view this on my laptop and on my phone if needed. This is in hope that I can study “anywhere” that I have a spare ten minutes (and this is what I have been doing to try to catch up!). I was then searching about how I could possibly fit everything in (full time work, four kids, and studying four subjects) that I came across this article that I could connect with. I love this statement as it fits with how I feel about the young teachers at my school!

Being older and a mum does make me feel slightly different from my peers, but not in a bad way. I enjoy spending time with them – they make me feel younger.

So while I keep going with the mountain of work I have before me, remember you are not alone and just keep going.

Enjoy your week,


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