So excited! I finally have a placement and way before the time we have to go on PE! First time in three years (can you feel my excitement!). I have already contacted the school and asked when a good time to come in and speak to my mentor and find out what they are up too in the classroom. I figure to be super organised I need to get a headstart.

Something that just stuck with me was the last part of the learning path.

It’s the learning that counts, not the ICTs.

That makes me feel a little more comfortable! I don’t know what procedures the school has for ICT in the classroom, don’t know if all my lessons will be whiz-bang and don’t know how what is going to happen… But if I can follow the advice below then I’m sure I will be okay (tired, exhausted, happy but fine!).

The aim for Professional Experience and Assignment 3 should be something like:

  1. Prepare well (Part B);
  2. Try new things (Part C – the lesson plans); and,
  3. Reflect upon what worked and why. (Part D).

It makes me feel more at ease when I read my fellow peer’s blogs, especially PE issues: What am I not ready for? As this is exactly how I am feeling. I think my main concern is that I will disrupt the classroom learning for three weeks (hence, why I want to go in early and see what they will be learning for the three weeks, so I’m one step ahead)! So I started researching (way more fun than writing another essay on adolescent challenges) and found this article “How to Help Students Set and Reach their Goals.” So when I’m nervous and want to hide away – I’m going to remember – set realistic goals for myself and the students… I don’t have to be a whiz-bang teacher – I’m still learning, and while I’m still learning, I’m going to enjoy the journey.Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.24.20 PM

Happy hump day everyone and keep enjoying the journey,


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