As I was reading Katherine’s post about her family and spending time with them in need, takes away time for other things (uni especially). I am finding this semester especially hard (as I’ve mentioned). Hubby has been away all week for work, I’ve worked full time and been trying so hard to catch up on one subject that I have fallen really behind. I have an essay due soon and wanted to get it done by tomorrow (at least a draft – okay so I might be dreaming). But, as I was working every night on my uni work, I started thinking about protecting our kids from technology. Two of my oldest girls have mobile phones (as they walk home from school and I need to contact them) and the two younger ones have iPads. Now as a mum, I was sitting down with them once a week and checking messages, Instagram and so forth with them. I realised that since life has got so crazy, that I haven’t done this for ages.

So, it began. I went to my oldest and we started talking about posting things online and how it sticks with you forever. She did not believe me and was telling me about a student at her school that had been taking naked selfies (agh – I was cringing by now) and was sending them to boys. Now, my heart was pounding and I had to ask gently – “sweetie, this is something you haven’t done, have you?” The look of sheer disappointment crossed her face, OF COURSE NOT MUM! I’m not stupid! Whew…. So we did the talk on how to use technology properly and I suggested she talked to her PC teacher about the other student as they needed to know and deal with it before it got out of hand. My other daughter entered the room and wanted to show me messages and images on Instagram that she thought was inappropriate… AGH.

So I found an article about 10 things to teach your kids about Internet Safety. I have spoken to them all about this, made parental blocks on their devices and will start my weekly chats with them again. No matter how busy I get, I will ensure that I am protecting my kids.

Hope this helps other parents,


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