It ‘s nice to read other blogs about students going through the same learning path and finding the things that can happen online disturbing! Kat noted that we should NOT be using the same password for our accounts (oh no – I only do this as I forget the different passwords and then have to get them to send me a new password)!

I think of myself as an active user of ICT, and I would say that I am safe, responsible and use ICT ethical in both my personal and professional life. My knowledge and experience with digital citizenship began when I had to start networking with other colleagues in my previous position. I am a conservative person, so I knew the ramifications for posting things into “cyberspace” and knew that no matter how many privacy buttons, someone could always see it and copy it.

I have never been involved in cyber-bullying or identity theft. I am very conscious about this though especially with four children and as per my last post, I have had constant chats with them about their digital profile. I read a book for one of my uni subjects that I gave to my 13-year-old to know, “Destroying Avalon” by Kate McCaffrey. The best book about cyber-bullying and the ramifications it can have on students, check out the reviews.

After completing the quiz on studydesk – I didn’t know as much as I thought about “what do I know about bullying.” I had always thought that cyber-bullying was the most common form of bullying (at the school I am working at, we have major problems with this) rather than face-to-face bullying. I was also under the impression that children that bullying mostly have low self-esteem due to them wanting to put other children down to make themselves feel better.  So I read this article, “Do Bullies Really have low Self-esteem?” that explained that it has more to do with an emotion of shame rather than their self-esteem.

I think the idea of primary students undertaking the Cyber Smart Kids Quiz is an excellent idea. I’ve bookmarked this for my kids to have a go at it!

Time to keep going with the learning path, assisgnments and catching up on uni content… I’m hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel soon.

Have a great day,


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