Wow – I just completed the learning path and to say the least, it definitely made me worry about posting anything online. ‘Take this lollipop’ freaked me out! If you missed it on the learning path – click here. I studied law for over three years so I didn’t need to be more worried about the weirdos that hide behind their computers! Just wondering if there were any other students that found this a little disturbing?

I found it interesting though and also after reading Courtney’s blog on screen time – it definitely made me start to wonder about digital technologies. I frantically started researching how could I (if I ever needed to) delete something permanently of the internet. I found this really interesting article that is very helpful if I ever get into that situation.

Well, I’m off to lock my doors, shut my computer down and pretty much hide under my bed in hopes that no psychopath looked up my address on google maps.

See you in the morning (hopefully),


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