So the long awaited PE is nearly here. To tell the truth, I’m feeling very anxious about the whole experience. I’m a little worried that I shouldn’t be feeling this way as this is my fourth prac. I had high expectations of myself (I think) that by now, I would be in the groove. Also, it isn’t like I’m not accustomed to the school environment. I work in the classroom five days a week – I think I should be feeling more confident. So I decided to sit and reflect on my last prac and see what I was so anxious about.

I think the ICT embedding is the primary concern. My previous prac I focused on behaviour management strategies, and I feel confident that I can draw upon that if needed. I think it also worries me that I know the amount of workload that is necessary, and I’m not sure if my energy tank has that in it. I have four assignments and two exams to go and not sure how I am going to do that about of workload in such a small timeframe!

I am trying to take on Bonittagordon’s advice of “deal with complications as they arise”. So, I’m going to stop the negative talk in my head and not think about the amount of work that I have to do but just deal with it!

Thinking about my lessons that I have with grade 10 English and since they will be drafting their assessment piece, I wanted to embed some ICT into the beginning of the lesson. I have been looking at maybe they could do a grammar quiz (or fix up a piece of syntax); spelling test online, and maybe look at something that could assist with their presentation (either Powerpoint or Prezi). I have a lot of ideas, but until I get there Monday and suss out the room and equipment, I won’t delve into this too much. I was searching for ICT in the classroom and came across this article,  “Transforming teaching and learning: embeddingICT into everyday classroom practices“. It is fascinating, so I’ll add that to my list to do before Monday morning. 

Off to finish my essay on adolescent self-esteem and then bed before my eyes pop out. Enjoy your last few days before prac,


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