What a day! The school I am completing my PE is excellent. The school environment is lovely; the teachers seem lovely, and the students are so friendly. I asked a lot of ICT questions today, and they put me in a Year 7 ICT class where the students were learning to use Scratch. This software is great, and the students are so clever!

I have four classes that I am teaching (six altogether that I am observing and can teach if I feel up to it), and I do feel a little overwhelmed. I have my PC class (year 7 and they are so sweet!) and have three playground duties. I love the school environment, however, after trying to work at lunch time on the huge assignments I have and then coming home and straight to the office to finish one essay – I am feeling exhausted much like Kat. I haven’t even looked at my lesson planning yet! I have three novels to complete by Thursday (OMG!) and then to do my lessons based on the novels. Now, I never shy away from hard work but am worried how I am going to get my head around all of this.

On a plus note, I saw one of the teachers using padlet in the classroom, so I quickly found ideas into how I could use this as one of my ICT in my lesson. I found this article that has some great ideas about how to use it effectively. All students have laptops, and the majority of the rooms have SmartBoards. The funny thing is that they aren’t used! I have to learn how to use this so that will be my mission tomorrow at lunch.

All in all – it was a great day, and I’m looking forward to my next 14!

Back to the grind,


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