I saw the best teacher today in action! She was F A N T A S T I C! She had a presence in the classroom, she had positive student-teacher relationship and most of all, she was firm but fair. Admittedly, there wasn’t any ICT embedded into the lesson other than the children working from their laptops but she was on fire. The children responded to her and they were all on task. It was a pleasure to watch and observe. I told her how great I thought she was after the lesson and encouraged her to take on a pre-service teacher so that other teachers could see how great she was in action.

I observed her body language and the way she responded to the students. It was an amazing experience. Not often I have seen this in the classroom! I was in awe and I am sure I showed it too! I think it is essential for teachers to have a presence in the classroom and if you take a look at this article it will give you some tips to be that amazing teacher. I have also found that the Grade 12 students are very friendly and love to chat to you and readily ask for help when needed…. Hmm need to work on the grade 9 students…

So while I am busy working on my lesson plan before I head home to start assignments, I have been doing a Prezi, will try to utilise the SmartBoard and do a concept map in one of my lessons. I am still deciding on what I am finding the hardest on the PE so I will get back to you! So while my second day wasn’t with a fantastic view that Bonitta had on her first day – my day was pretty good!

Keep enjoying the experience, no matter how awkward, exciting or stressful it may be… We will be awesome teachers when we finish,




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