Week one is down with another two weeks to go. Like so many of my fellow peers, I am feeling exhausted. I too had issues with ICT, like Lana. However, I think by next week I will be able to work around it. I used Prezi, Socrative, and YouTube clips. Most of the time it worked like a treat. However, I had to get used to using the two displays (one for laptop and one for the IWB) and at one stage I couldn’t get the word document to go over to the IWB… AGH!

The students loved the quiz and from a teachers point of view, I found this an exciting process to judge how they were grasping and understanding the concepts. I will be using this over my teaching career. Also, the exit ticket on Socrative was great too. The students have to answer quickly three questions about how the lesson was and what the most important concept they received during the lesson. This was great as I could see if any student had gaps in their understanding. You can get a report from the quiz and exit ticket which is great to save into the class profile. If you want to know more about Student Response System, have a look at this page. Most of them are free so give it a go!

Monday I have two lessons, and I’m trying the Kahoot quizzes as well as designing my own PowToon. Wish me luck!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and finds a chance to grab some time to relax,


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