Nearly half way… almost I said! OMG, I am exhausted. I had two classes today, and I’m sure at one point, I almost forgot what class I was teaching and started talking about drafting and editing. Thankfully, that class was also in the writing and editing phase! I now have to start planning for my next two classes. This is so tiring!

Most of the students are great and are on task. I am finding that with the students having laptops, which you need to walk around constantly to view their screens to ensure they are on task. Plus I think they must think I have no idea as I quickly see them minimise the screen! Umm, I saw that, and you were NOT on task! Close it! Other than that, I have successfully managed to use Kahoot, and the kids love it! I think I will try Socrative again next lesson so that I can compare the reports and see which one is the better one to use.

My school uses Turnitin, which I have utilized for a few subjects while at uni. This is a fantastic piece of software not only for the student but also for the teacher!  If you are unfamiliar with this excellent software, click here and be prepared to be dazzled!

Okay, I’m off home now to start my next two lessons, try to do some more on my million assignments along with the mummy duties. Just like Kat and Denise said ‘here’s to late nights, awful dinners, not watching TV at all with my children and early starts and loving what we do!!!’

We are all in this together,


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