Okay, I am now past the exhaustion state and functioning on very little sleep. However, I have learnt so much. I am confident that I could efficiently run my own PC and classroom. After reading Kat’s blog, I felt that I should not complain about my exhaustion as Kat sounds like she is coming down with a bug. So while I’m so tired that my eyes feel like they might pop out of my eye sockets, I am grateful that I haven’t been hit with any bugs.

I had a chat with my mentor and she asked if I could for a few lessons, run the lesson without ICT. She wanted to make sure that I was capable of holding my own without having to rely on PowerPoints, Prezi, Kahoot and so on. YES! I can accept this challenge as it makes me feel more at ease! I ran the class with minimal ICT. However, the students had to complete two worksheets. One paper worksheet – let’s get that pen to paper, and then one was uploaded to Moodle where they needed to download, work on it, and save. On Friday, I am running an activity to discuss what ‘other modes’ they could use for their multimodal presentations. I am going to show the students: PowerPoint, Prezi, Voki, and PowToon. Exciting!!

Tomorrow I have the year 7’s again, and I know that we shouldn’t have favourite classes, but I love teaching year 7. The year 7 class that I have are an amazing group of children, and they are so talented and open to new ideas. The respect is unbelievable!

So to be able to see the light at the tunnel, I’ll endure the late nights, I endure my eyes hanging out my head and endure the complaints from my children and family – because I am nearly there.

I think I can see that light,


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