So we have one week left. It has been a long ten days. Not in the fact that I don’t enjoy prac but the late nights and the workload are catching up with me. I have four assignments still due and two exams before I can feel that I can breathe. I did back to back lessons today and with no sleep, I got through it. I felt much more confident and like mylearningmary, my lessons contained ICT elements.

The school I am at, all the students have got laptops which make does make it a lot easier in many ways but also changes your pedagogy as well. You are always monitoring their usage and ensuring they are on task. I made sure that I got the students to go back to old school for part of the lesson (we did some work out of a textbook!), and I asked them to handwrite the answers. I heard a lot of moans and groans, but once we started, they all did well.

I am worried that I am only amplifying the students knowledge with the ICT components however the students had to download the worksheet today from Moodle and then save to My Site where they could work on this. We then did this as a class (I had my worksheet on the IWB), and we did the web quest. I believe that this transformed their knowledge and learning as this could not have been done with the use of laptops, IWB or the internet. I also demonstrated to students how to use Prezi as they were all keen to learn this for their ‘other mode’ for their presentations starting in a week.

I have also thought that I would do a lesson with the Year 7 students on Diigo as they have just started researching for their history assessment, and they need to have references. I find this would be helpful for their future studies throughout their secondary education. So while I may only be touching the surface of the ICT, I am transforming their knowledge as well as illustrated that ICT isn’t the be all and end all.

So, two weeks down. One week to go. It is all over just when I start to feel more confident, get to know the students and feel that I am grasping the planning, preparing and practising.

There is that light again,


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