Monday morning starts off as crazy as the week is going to be. Good crazy, though! I have enjoyed reading my fellow peer’s blogs over the weekend and love how many are having such a great time. Nickie has a very good idea about incorporating Class Dojo, which is used at my daughter’s high school. I can’t wait till I have my classroom and I can include all of these great elements.

Since I am in various English classes, I have enjoyed embedding ICT into the students learning but need to find the balance that will work in reality. My mentor has been great in encouraging me to include tasks that are vocabulary work to assist students in learning the fundamental elements. I find that in any task or activity that I have designed, Students first point of call is to google everything! So, I asked for laptops to be down this morning, and they needed to think for themselves! The looks of sheer panic spread over their faces! I tried to explain that they needed to brainstorm and think for themselves rather than googling everything. Take a look at this article that explains why to google isn’t enough. Hopefully as teachers, we can find the balance of ICT but also encourage students to think for themselves.

Until next time,


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