While we only have one day to go for the completion of our three-week practicum, I feel that I am just beginning my final journey. I am still trying to complete assignments, studying for exams and of course, blogging. But I started filling out the paperwork today for my final pracs next Semester. Excited, nervous, anxious. A mixture of all three, I would say. As ready as I am, it is always scary going into a new school, new faces and new school-wide frameworks!

It is funny, though. I’m not sure if you remember reading in one of our learning paths that we needed to be prepared to deliver a lesson on the fly. In one of the learning paths, David mentioned it would not be unusual for a teacher to be asked to step in. Well, I thought, that is never going to happen to me. They would not do that to a praccie! The best experience yet! I was asked on Thursday, ten minutes before I had to get to my PC class, to take the first period. Nothing planned, no notes, just a brief rundown as I’m rushing to my PC class. I knew that this class would have some behavioural issues, and I had not used the RTC questions yet (or needed to send anyone), so this was worrying me. After my PC class, I quickly dashed to the classroom (mind you on the other side of the college) all the while, talking in my head, taking deep breaths. “I’ve got this, I can do this, I’m a professional”. Start the class, and we get underway, and before I know it, the bell rang. Where did my 70-minute lesson go!! It flew by! So, the moral of my story is, never laugh when your lecturer tells you something like this MIGHT happen and have CONFIDENCE in your ability. You may not get it right, you may stumble over names (seriously, some names are difficult) but it is all experience.

Also for those wondering what the RTC questions are, the school operates a Responsible Thinking Process (RTP). By gosh, this system is fantastic. Fewer behaviour problems and more ownership on the student to be aware of their behaviour. If you want to know more about it, click here. So, while I go and keep writing assignment 3, I did smile after reading Bonitta’s post about gaining a presence in the classroom. I’m so glad that we are all gaining something from our experiences, even though it may not all be ICT related.

So until next, remember – sleep is WAY overrated…


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