We are nearly there… Wahoo!! ONE MORE ASSIGNMENT FOR THIS SUBJECT AND THEN WE ARE DONE… Yes, I’m shouting because it has been a long, hard semester for me. I loved reading Nickie’s insights on her blog, and I totally agree.

I learnt so much on practicum and since being back at school, I’ve been carefully observing my teachers and seeing how things could be improved or things that I would like to adopt. I was glad to go through the last learning path and will be giving my feedback once I’ve finished my last assignment and my examination this week. Then I only have one exam to go before I can go and sit on my couch.

Yep, sit on the couch. Not read textbooks, not research and look at theories that do not make sense at the moment as my brain is on overload. But just relax. But in the meantime, I will reboot my brain to finish off my work so I can keep swimming.

Those ripples in the water are mine, as I’m still swimming…..

Until next time,


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